Enogastronomy. For some reason I want to compare it with music. Harmony of sounds, or the harmony of taste can both elevate man to the level of conscious enjoyment and lower it to the ground from a height flight of imagination, did not meet expectations. To create the music is not enough music or seven, or even twelve semitones in the octave laid down – should be studied harmony, the music charmed the ear. Similarly, for a combination of food and drinks enough to know the basic ingredients, color and sweetness of wine. To create the right mix must take into account the method of preparation used spices, seasonality, and importantly, the region of origin of the main products and beverage. All this can not be subordinate to the same rules and canons, as well as pointless to pile konkrektnymi recommendations and thus greatly increases the run for the desired pattern. Instead, we look at the basic concepts and selection tools.

Sparkling wine – can accompany the entire meal, being a fine aperitif. It has no strict canons feeding time, no one is surprised a glass of champagne for breakfast and who had never drunk champagne before breakfast, like in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, that is certainly worth a try once again to ensure the universality of the beverage.

Being completely self-sufficient, sparkling wine, however, is the ease and sophistication, so dishes with a pronounced sweet, spicy, sour taste does not make it the perfect party.

First of all you need to determine that the concept of “rule” in the taste does not exist, as there are no two people are exactly alike. He has a right to exist just what exactly you like. Even your favorite combinations are not absolute. The taste and perception affects your mood, the weather, the atmosphere and your company at the moment. In addition, human tastes change over time, the buds are trained and begin to take the third-octave flavor more complex and intense. Therefore, sometimes try something that had not previously enjoyed may have changed.

The wine should be sweeter than the dish to which it is applied. It is necessary to create harmony within your glasses and plates. Otherwise, the wine will seem sour you on the background eaten. There should be no sharp taste differences in acidity and sweetness. But usually, again, is not absolute, because, for example, spicy and salty Roquefort perfectly sweet white sparkling. Sometimes opposites attract, and the laws of physics perfectly coexist with gastronomy.

Heavy and dense in texture sparkling dishes require saturated, light – on the contrary. Fatty foods will balance perfectly with sparkling acidity and help break down fats, although it is chemistry, and today we are about music.

Sophisticated taste and aroma of dishes or dishes with gastronomic value, should be combined with the same complex and multifaceted in taste intoxicated. Here you will have to become a sommelier and chef at the same time as these two people in the restaurants are responsible for the most successful combinations: Chef cooking sharing details, sommeliers, imposing on it their professional knowledge. The exact definition of the taste of the beverage course 33 letters of the alphabet can not describe, but you can focus on the details of the fault. For example, the period of exposure of your drink, the higher it is, the wider palette of flavors of sparkling wine. Consider the minimum exposure time frame: champagne for at least 15 months, Cava – 9 months, Prosecco, Lambrusco is not aged in the bottle at all. If you are holding a bottle with a note Asti, the wines are usually fragrant. Look out of your grapes made alcoholic companion, honest or willing to boast producers do not miss the opportunity to specify the data on the label. Made of sparkling white grape more acidic, red – more saturated. If you own a copy of exquisite sparkling wine, for example, samples or millezimnye stamped on additional exposure route in the same fine cuisine and music will begin to sound louder.
Basing the choice on the complexity of taste sometimes is to play on the contrast, picked up by the rich flavors of the dish on the content of light wine and vice versa.

To understand this apparent contradictory judgment, you need to identify and deliver the first violin to someone who deserves it. Remaining in your duet accompaniment should be without interrupting performance primo, but only to create a proper background.

Sparkling wine, like any other wine, not like vinegar, including all of its content, and not on friendly terms with him. Vinegar notes in the wine while checking it “on the nose” demonstrate its defects or diseases.
Citrus in most cases blunt the opportunity to enjoy the game of your musicians. Whatever it was not familiar to most of us the combination of chocolate and sparkling, it is one of the worst choices because chocolate is so strongly affects the receptors that can rob you of bubbles taste at all.

The same applies to spices. Well, horseradish, wasabi, mayonnaise and ketchup and do better to postpone away, they can not be combined with any sparkling wine, although perhaps someone Shawarma and washes down champagne – are entitled to it. Union made in heaven, is sparkling and cheese, sparkling wine and caviar, sparkling wine and seafood.

Follow the principle of regionality. When choosing food and drinks, consider their origin. Often well together people from one country that justified the search of their age-old traditions sochetaniy.Oni as orchestra played, a melody without hesitation.

It’s just that ear training exercises on the development of hearing, in our case- flavor combinations, and the music can be born only by you based on your personal food preferences. And remember, wherever we are talking about the taste, no recommendations can be neither exhaustive nor absolute.

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