• Игристые вина
  • Sparkling Universe

    Introduction In the beginning was the word, and the word was Sparkling Wine. The word was pronounced for the first time by Christopher Merret, whose treatise entitled “On the Process of Secondary Wine Fermentation”, published in 1662, is the cornerstone of the fascinating world of wines full of sparkles, foam, fun and joy. Dom Pérignon, […]

  • Заметки о разном
  • Drinking as a King

    Have you ever seen the painting by Jean-François de Troy “The Oyster Dinner?” So what, you will ask. Well, it is the first painted image of sparkling wine. No bottle, because drinking wine in Versailles was not about product placement, just a bright realistic detail: the cork jumping out upward to the ceiling. The painting […]

  • Заметки о разном
  • Enogastronomy

    Enogastronomy. For some reason I want to compare it with music. Harmony of sounds, or the harmony of taste can both elevate man to the level of conscious enjoyment and lower it to the ground from a height flight of imagination, did not meet expectations. To create the music is not enough music or seven, […]